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GRP Products

CSL (Complete Shielding Layer) Lab, Inc. is a team of highly experienced UV cured GRP experts.
We own and produce UV-cured GRP manufacturing facilities around the world and conduct consignment sales.
UV-cured GRP is manufactured by processing high-quality glass fiber reinforcing materials with high-molecular substances such as epoxy and special additives.
These raw materials are formed as structural laminates, wound into rolls in film form.


Pipeline protection

Provides an efficient way to protect UV-cured GRP pipeline protection over 80,000 meters for long-term use.
Having a way to bond UV cured GRP directly to the pipe surface, painted pipe as well as FBE and 3PE coated pipe, CSL is leading the way in pipeline protection.


Insulation cover

UV cured type GRP cover is a hard type of insulation material and UV curing material that can protect the insulation material of all curved parts.
In particular, the Over Insulation Protection (OIP) overheat protection cover is a UV-cured laminate formulated to achieve a high level of fire resistance and flame resistance.
film, which complies with CINI and IMO standards.
Use of UV cured GRP to prevent overheating under insulation (insulation)
It can protect against corrosion (Corrosion Under Insulation, CUI).


Linings and sheathing

UV cured type GRP has strong adhesion to most storage tank materials.
UV-GRP coated on the inside of the storage tank completely seals the inside of the concrete to prevent chemical leakage.
Storage Tank Distribution Applied over heavily corroded steel tanks to reinforce the inside of the tank and provide resistance to the stored material.

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